Album of the Month: Home by Josh Garrels

Album of the Month: Home by Josh Garrels


For the first four months after we made the trek from Wisconsin to the East coast, we lived in a suburb of Boston before we landed in Maine. We moved away from my family, my job, and all I’ve ever known, so the undertone of my emotional state during this time was pretty rocky. As we moved, my own emotions surprised me. I was surprised at how badly I yearned to feel some sense of home. But even though my world felt upside down, my heart always searched for ways to bring a sense of peace either through cooking, reading, visiting the ocean or listening to music. My emotions found real stability through music, specifically Josh Garrel’s album Home.

To me, this whole album feels intimate and human in every way. It's like an exploration of the moments and emotions, big or small, good or bad, that we as humans experience, and the search for truth and beauty in all of it. These songs also reflect the longing of every human to feel forgiven, welcomed, and loved. If you find yourself longing for these, this album will move you in the best way.

My favorite song on the album is "Morning Light." I catch myself singing this chorus that sparked even the smallest bit of hope in this last season of my life. 

"It's gonna be alright

Turn around and let back in the light

And joy will come

Like a bird in the morning sun

And all will be made well

Once again"


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